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Yehudit Yahalom

You have come to a place where you can see many works of art that I have done in Israel and around the worldMost of my work has been carried out in the public sector.Such as Terminal 3, municipalities, the Ministry of Defense, synagogues, banquet halls and more.The works I created were designed by me in accordance with the nature of the place.During the planning process, I emphasize that there will be a human-to-environment dialogueWhere there is the artwork I designed.

Many times I have used very colorful and lyrical colors in the public space
  To enhance the experience experienced by the person in the environment.
In the works of art that I perform, I use materials: iron, copper, wood, and brass.
In the stained glass works I perform. I use different types of glass, as needed.
Even in safety glass when I perform stained glass windows in synagogues and in the public sector in general.
The combination of art in cooper and brass in synagogues comes from design according to the place.
On this site you will see and be impressed of my work.


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